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17 Oct 2011 07:40 am
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Well, at least "fixing" the global menus in Unity (i.e., killing them and forcing the menus back onto the application window instead) wound up being easy.

The solution, from a source which I forgot to document, was as follows:
This command brings menus and controls to their own windows:
sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu
This moves the controls into the window, but only when the window is restored. When maximised, the controls go back at the top, but that's OK because it's maximised anyway.

That takes care of the most annoying issue with Unity -- all the mouse-chasing with apps that don't (or can't) have keyboard shortcuts for common menu items.

It still says something that my current wallpaper is a list of Unity keyboard shortcuts ... best way to learn 'em, though.
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Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm merrily typing along in a text editor.

Without warning, the unity launcher disappears. So does the topbar. The text editor still works, but I have no desktop except for the background image. Try resetting Unity and Compiz and relogging, nada.

Unity comes up fine in a guest account, so I blow away the first user and recreate it, and Unity is back (yes, I spent about an hour and a half trying various troubleshooting steps before blowing the user away). FYI, posting this from Ubuntu 11.10 under that resurrected user.

I'm leaning towards renaming Oneiric Ocelot as Obnoxious Ocelot instead. Some things do work better than before, but I'm not at all sure how stable it is.

And I still need to set the swap partition up from last night. Fie.

EDIT: Swap file was pretty painless; done. The problem would seem to have been with the way the manual partitioner on the install CD handles multiple data partitions and a swap partition on the same drive.


13 Oct 2011 06:40 pm
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The upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 blew up on the first machine; it fails with a kernel panic during the first part of booting, and the earlier installed versions hang while booting (apparently while trying bring up the network connection).

At least there wasn't much on that system, so a clean install isn't going to hurt too much. Still, fie. Downloading a CD image for install now.

EDIT: The install had issues, too, and I'll need to go back in and manually add a swap partition (yes, I left room for it).

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