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Darker Than Black still really, really has my attention. Every episode is *too short*, which means it's being paced just right ... on the other paw, I still like Claymore, but I wish it would finish the endless flashback and come back to the present ...

Saw The 13th Warrior again. I don't know why I like it - it's a horrid mish-mash of a story - but I keep coming back to it, like playing with a sore tooth.

Stocked up on the first season of Carnivale, so that'll be my late night watching for a while.

And with that, I guess I should try to go to bed and get some sleep. Baji-naji still hasn't come down, and the stress is wearing on both of us until we know which way it's going ...
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After [livejournal.com profile] porsupah mentioned it, I've been watching Darker Than Black; it shows promise, with only two fansubbed episodes so far (that I've found). Since it's apparently the "new season" in Japan, that sent me looking for other possibilities.

Claymore - if I can ever get over hearing "claymore" in English scattered throughout, it also shows promise. If demon blood was red instead of blue it'd be over the top with gore, and it's off to an interesting start. The wandering half-demons don't have a name for themselves, but most people call them claymores after the swords they carry. It's sensible, but it still takes getting used to.

Monster Princess - good in small doses, I think, and should be kept around for parties or such. It's silly and disturbing at the same time, and could never make an official appearance on American TV (Maybe on Adult Swim, just for the shock factor). I think it's aimed at young boys, with a goth-y blond something (witch? vamp? goddess?) playing against a just-hitting-puberty boy. Of course, in the first episode he gets killed and resurrected twice, and the end song is about crawling to your mistress to lick the blood from her boots, so it'll be a hard swallow for mainstream America . . . the fansub isn't topnotch, though, with odd fonts that are hard to read and quirky subtitles. Oh, the female lead also seems to swing a mean chainsaw. Gets points for quoting from the Necronomicon, in Japanese no less.

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