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Still here, and ramping this journal back up since LiveJournal's moving their servers to Russia.
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First thing I discovered on opening the workshop this first morning of the new year was that the shop's media player system had automagically (and finally) upgraded windows 10 to the anniversary update. So, of course, I spent the morning ripping Cortana out by the roots and tracking down all the software that it had helpfully removed the links to so it could suggest something in its place. Great start to the year, and leaving me wondering why I don't wipe it and put Linux on there (legacy software, of course).
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19 Dec 2016

Paw, paws, paws

In-progress casting of paws. I paint the visible outer layers into the molds before assembling.

Location: Clarion, PA

Two pair of "spec" paws; they're still drying in the molds but will go up for sale (at the old prices) post-Christmas.
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The 2016 elections in North Carolina scored so low (58/100) on the Electoral Integrity Project that NC is "no longer considered to be a fully functioning democracy."

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12 Dec 2016


The workshop is active now. I'm still organizing everything as it gets unpacked, and there are also several projects concurrently running in the shop.

Location: Clarion, PA

DarkFang is working out of this shop as well; he's still a major investor in Running Wolf Productions.
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05 Dec 2016

Sneaky Snek

The Solstice Snek would like to wish all of you a Happy Holidays from her hiding place in the (faux) Christmas tree. She thinks it is her personal jungle gym.

Footnote: I do not know the original source of the above linked artwork meme "sneaky snek." A tip of the hat to the unknown artist.

Location: Clarion, PA

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It's amazing. Once deer season started, all the deer that have been grazing through our yard have become scarce.
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And, here's the current PotW, actually taken this morning. Might not be terribly spectacular, but I thought it was neat.

28 Nov 2016

Hoar Frost

It was cold enough this morning that the trees got a coating of hoar frost (top image). It all disappeared a few hours later as the sun rose and warmed everything up a bit (bottom image).

Location: Clarion, PA

The frost was never very deep, and formed around first light before a layer of thin clouds moved in. There's screening around part of the upper deck, and the north-facing screens were sealed over by a paper-thin layer of frost. *Only* the north facing screens, for some reason.

EDIT: Heh, it was also 19 degrees this morning.

Something that did catch me by surprise, having grown up considerably to the south of where I now live - daylight is shorter here. Sunrises are later, and sunsets earlier. I wouldn't have thought I was far enough north for it to be noticeable. A quick check shows sunrise to sunset today was 9 hours, 29 minutes here - compared to 10 hours, 11 minutes in Dallas.


28 Nov 2016 07:18 pm
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I've updated the PotW and will be keeping it current. I'll go back and fill in the few missing ones from 2016, but I doubt I'll fill in 2015. I'll likely just put a brief note in there about why there's a gap. Meanwhile, here's last week's ...

21 Nov 2016

New Griffon Paws

This pair has been delivered to the client, so I can now talk about the new griffon paw style. The big scales on the arm and back of the hand have extra reinforcement so they act like scales, not bending easily. The claws are also deeply embedded and extend over the wearer's finger. The palms are more human-like, with no pads. This particular pair also has magnets embedded around the arm opening so the upper arm of the body suit will stay in place over the seam.

These will be available through the workshop. The next pair will also be photographed more properly, when I get a light booth set up.

Location: Clarion, PA

I like how these came out. They're just a smidgen bigger than the wolf hands for sizing.

EDIT: LJ seems to be automagically resizing the images, ignoring the HTML markup. Sheesh, and sorry folks, I'm not going to take the time to dig through it and find out why.
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Had our first large "trash bandits" last night - big enough to pull a loaded 64 gallon trash can over. Not much of a mess as they only wanted to check out a pad soaked in chicken juices. Pulled that one bag out, dragged it about 30 feet and opened it there. All on concrete, so no tracks.
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Slowly getting the PotW back up to date. Most of them are photos already seen either here or on twitter - I'll post the exceptions here :)

08 Aug 2016

Catalpa sphinx moth caterpillar

This is a late instar of the catalpa sphinx moth caterpillar (Ceratomia catalpae); they're just starting to appear this season. The younger caterpillars look quite different. They only feed on the catalpa tree, of which there is one large specimen in the front yard. For such a flashy youth, the adult moth is quite drab. The three-inch long caterpillar is supposed to be an excellent fishing lure.

The catalpa tree itself was heavily stripped of leaves across the following two weeks - the second picture was taken mid-August and added later. While the tree has evolved to readily produce new leaves, repeated waves of caterpillars can kill the tree.

Location: Clarion, PA

For a while these guys were everywhere around the catalpa tree; I was surprised that the birds weren't picking them off the grass more. The swarm of caterpillars seems to have passed now.

EDIT: Fixed my tongue-tiedness :) Also adding an additional reference on the catalpa sphinx moth.


13 Aug 2016 10:41 am
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From our local burger place's specials menu last Wednesday. Wish I'd taken a photo. It was one of the best burgers I've ever had.

The Francisco Cervelli Burger

A half pound burger topped with pepperoni, grilled onions and peppers, Parmesan cheese, and a homemade basil Parmesan mayo on a butter grilled Italian roll. Served with a side of fries.

That's Daddy's Main Street in Clarion, Pennsylvania, if any of y'all make it out this way. No guarantees the Francisco will be on the menu, but there's usually something eye-catching in the daily specials.


5 Aug 2016 01:47 am
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For some reason, despite there being many cicada species in California, I never heard one the whole time I lived in that state. I missed that drone; I grew up with it in Texas.

Fast forward to Pennsylvania. The part of the state I'm in doesn't have a 17-year cicada brood coming up for another three years or so, but some annual cicadas are arriving. I've been finding empty nymph shells in the last couple of days, and I'm enjoying the occasional droning sound.
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"This was probably one of the most peaceful, one of the most beautiful, one of the most love-filled conventions in the history of conventions." - Donald Trump, speaking after the 2016 GOP convention.

Really? Didn't look like it from here.

(Yeah, I don't usually post political, and almost nobody reads LJ anymore, but that statement just required a post to remember it later.)
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