7 Jun 2017

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New Potw is up.

05 Jun 2017

Werewolf Washing

Werewolf hanging up to dry after a good soak in a tub. Here we show both the drowned rat and mostly dry stages. After many hours of hard play and rolling around in the outdoors across Memorial Day weekend, the bath was much needed.

Someone asked if hanging the suit wet like this stretches it out. It doesn't, because there's a network of supporting strapping under the fur to prevent just that. It's there because earlier suits would stretch and sag due to the weight of sweat saturating the suit during long hours in a hot haunted house, but the strapping works just as well with the suit soaked in just water. The suit is also hanging on a wide wet suit hanger, which spreads the weight across the shoulders and opens up the chest cavity so air can circulate inside.

Location: Out back of the workshop

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